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Cecil Thomas has the EXPERIENCE We Need in Cincinnati

Cecil Thomas has the experience, courage and commitment 

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My Values

Experience. Commitment.

Cecil Thomas is running for Mayor of Cincinnati. He has been serving Cincinnati and fighting for justice his entire adult life. Currently, Cecil is serving his fellow Cincinnatians as a State Senator for District 9. Cecil previously served as a member of Cincinnati City Council for four terms and as a member of the Cincinnati Police Department for several decades before that.

Cecil Thomas running for Mayor

Help Me Bring the Change We Need in Cincinnati

I’m running for Mayor because I have the best plan for Cincinnati. This is what qualifies me:

Years in Law Enforcement
CHRC Executive Director
Cincinnati City Council
Years in Ohio Senate

Supporting Projects Across the City

Cecil Kids
Cecil groundbreaking
Cecil Thomas running for Mayor with vaccine banner


For 27 years, I was a Police Officer. The department can work better if officers focus on public safety and less on jobs that social workers and other professionals are trained to do. Shifting responsibilities for handling minors and the mentally ill will go a long way toward improved community relations.

Economic Development

The city has suffered from development scandals, but development and honesty should not be mutually exclusive. We welcome everybody to bring their projects to the city.  Small business owners have led the resurgence of our urban core and neighborhoods. We need to keep partnering with them to keep growing.

Public Health

A robust and healthy population is key to the success of any City. This is why I am a big proponent of getting vaccinated against Covid-19. I believe every Cincinnatian should get the vaccine  so we have a healthy and vibrant community. Public health should be left to Scientists and Doctors not Politicians. 




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Cecil firmly believes that we can walk and chew gum: we can be pro-community and pro-business; we can be pro-growth while maintaining the social fabric of our historic neighborhoods. With your support, Cecil can use his experience to build on Cincinnati’s progress in order to bring equitable growth to our city.

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Cecil is Working for You for a

A Better Tomorrow

Cecil Thomas for Mayor of Cincinnati

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