Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Priorities for African American and Black Cincinnatians

I have stood in a similar spot many times before. Our community has received promises that things will change, just wait. Well, I’ve waited long enough. Elected officials need to start keeping their promises and delivering more 



There has been no group more impacted by COVID-19 than black and brown communities. As we get this pandemic under control, we need to identify why this was and make some real, structural changes to our quality of life and its accessibility. We must do the following:

  • Promote policies that prioritize the quality of life of people of color. 
  • Educate elected, government, and health officials on the impacts of trauma as it relates to the Black experience. 
  • Support local initiatives to dismantle systemic racism. Identify areas that are negatively impacting the quality of life of black and brown Cincinnatians. 
  • Root out and eliminate Systemic Racism in policing.
Cecil Thomas running for Mayor